Auckland, New Zealand- August 2017

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When I was traveling back from Tahiti, I had an overnight in Auckland, New Zealand. Over the past year, I’ve flown thru there several times, but never actually left the airport.  So on whim, I looked into going to Auckland for a quick trip, I was able to use miles for a free ticket and points for the hotel, so it was easy choice to make.


I first visited Auckland in 1999, and it has changed quite a bit. I do remember for years saying it was favorite city in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying Australia, but I have a love like no other for New Zealand.  And what’s worse about that comment, I’ve not left Auckland! I am looking forward to exploring the rest of this beautiful country.

On my previous trip to Melbourne, I had purchased a dress by a New Zealand Designer, Maaike.  A google search lead me to Ponsonby.  For someone who “claims” to hate shopping, I really enjoyed Ponsonby . And well, as of late I’ve been a bit more daring in my clothing choices, so shopping off the beaten path is fun.  My wondering took me into Miss Crabb,  where I such fun trying some of their clothing.  My right ankle, however, was not having fun. It decided that it was going to swell to epic portions.  So that night it was room service and cuddle with some voltaren and ice.

The next day, I headed over to a  French Festival at Queens Wharf. And then I checked out the Britomart area and found  a fun store, World.  The decor is a traveler’s dream. The shop was a treasure trove of goodies. I waandered around a bit, then met Beau. Boy did he have some fun with me. Sold me a dress, that “you can wear to 7-11”. Sure sure because I wear black sequins to grocery store.

I headed over to Waiheke island to tour some wineries.  It was luckily a quite and smooth ferry ride. I had arranged a tour, but one could easily manage without one.  I highly recommend taking a day or two out to visit Waiheke if you find yourself in the Auckland area.


This was seriously a quick hop over to Auckland. I basically saw like 1 block.  I will be going back to New Zealand because there is just so more to discover. I just wish I had endless time.

You know from reading this, that I traveled with the smallest bag ever. When am I going to learn? I would probably save a lot of money, if I just traveled with the biggest suitcase I own.

Until next time, safe travels

French Polynesia-August 2017

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Tahiti is on most people’s travel bucket list.  It’s has such an illusion of grandeur and high price tag that goes along with it.  Well I had some free days in my schedule and thought it would be good idea to take a trip.  I really wanted to go to Samoa or the Cook Islands but the flights were just not working out in my favor.  The flights, while not ideal,worked for Tahiti, so off I went. I used my points/miles to book Emirates from Brisbane to Auckland and then Air Tahiti Nui to Papeete. My return was on Air New Zealand back to Auckland where I had to stay the night and then flew to Brisbane the next day.   Total flying each direction, was just shy of 9 hours.  And since I crossed the date line, leaving on Thursday meant I arrived on Wednesday.

I originally agreed with most bloggers, this is not a place you probably want to visit alone. If any other reason, it’s beautiful and you just want to be able to discuss it with someone. But then you start staring off into the vast blue skies and watching the amazing sunsets, and frankly you don’t care that you are alone.

I ended staying on the island of Papeete because I arrived too late to take a ferry to Moorea.  It was not bad, but I probably wouldn’t spend more then a night or two there. I signed up for an island tour and honestly, it reminded me a lot of Hawaii.

I also took the ferry over to Moorea and saw the ubiquitous over the water bungalows. The tour went off road into the pineapple fields and up a mountain.  I highly recommend getting away from the resort if you find yourself in the area.

But if you find yourself just sitting around, try to wake up early to watch the sunset .IMG_1903

It’s a bit of a pain to get to, but just amazing if you have the opportunity.  I would not hesitate to go again, by myself.  Just remember to bring a good book, hat and some sunscreen.

Until next time safe travels…….