Seychelles-February 2020

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I once read an article about giant tortoises. They only exists in 2 archipelagos, the Galapagos and Seychelles. Neither location are easy to get to. When I was researching beach locations from South Africa, I found a direct flight from Johannesburg to Mahe. Finally, I get to see the tortoises.

I am not sure what my problem was but as soon as I arrived, I was ready to leave. Immigration was a bit interesting. I know I should not complain as visitors to US have to deal with worse. With the time change and the long flight, was night by the time I arrived at the hotel. It was nice but I was just not feeling it.

I did get out and toured the island. It’s quite mountainous. And they ran out of land on the main island of Mahe, so they created land to expand.

It was beautiful and I am sure there were much more to see and do then limited things that I saw. I just was not feeling it. And that’s ok, I had to go to learn that it was not for me. It will alway hold a special place for me, as it was officially the 60th country I visisted.

Until next time…..

Cape Town, South Africa February 2020

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After an unexpected train delay, I finally arrived in Cape Town a day late. Since this was not my first time visiting, I was not worried as I done all the major tourist sites before. I was not expecting it to have changed so much. I am bit sad, as I was not feeling so great so I ended wasting some of my short time just sitting in my hotel room.

Funny how the first time I visited Cape Town, I was afraid to walk around, so different this time. My hotel was in Bo-Kaap area, known for it’s colorful homes. In 1834 when slavery was abolished, the freed slaves were able to purchase these homes and painted their homes in colorful palettes to represent the their freedom.

I had signed up for a food tour with Cape Town Culinary Tours. They were kind enough to let me know join the next day. It was really nice tour and the guide was quite engaging. I was able to sample food I would not have been game enough to try on my own.

I stayed at the Hilton Cape Town, that had clearly been renovated since my previous visit. There was a now an Art South Africa gallery in the lobby. What is with me shopping in hotel lobbies? Anyway, I kept getting drawn in by all the beautiful art. I could not resist and ended up purchasing the bronze piece, without thinking about my luggage situation. I am glad I did not resist, I met the lovely Barbara and her partner Florian. Her love of art and for the artists she works with was a gift in today’s world. I just wish I had more walls!

I really enjoyed my time in Cape Town, so much, that I wished I had stayed longer. I hope to return one day soon. There was so much more to discover.

Given the flight from Australia is easier then from Chicago, I hope one day is sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned, next stop my 60th country!