This blog is dedicated to sharing my travels with all of my friends and family. I have been to many different countries in the past including South Africa, China, India, Bali, Spain, Haiti, Germany, Amsterdam, and Ireland. This blog will be my way of taking you on all of my future trips with me. Feel free to look at any past trips under the categories bar and see my travels in real time on the home page

My flight stats from January 1, 2015

To fly the circumference of the world is about 25,000 miles.  To reach the moon is almost 240,000 miles.

For more details on where I’ve actually been flying, check out this link.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Flo,

    I just wanted to thank you for being such a great auntie. I wish I could travel the world so often with you. Can you take me with you in one of your destination once I am much older? I promise to be on my best behavior if my parents agree.

    Your affectionate nephew,

  2. Hi Flo,
    This is such wonderful read. I laugh & cry all at the same time as I read of your experiences. I wish that I could join you in all your travels. Enjoy for me.

    Take care,

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