Rio de Janerio, Brazil- January 2018

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Back in 2002, I went to Santiago, Chile and I was pick-pocketed. My travel wallet was stolen, which had all money, credit cards and passport. It was experience to say the least.  Since then I’ve had no desire to return to the South American continent. Which was just ridiculous.

So when presented with the opportunity to go to Brazil for the holidays, I agreed.  It helped that I was in the States for 3 continuous weeks, so I was able to get a visa issued. And for some odd reason I was able to book saver flights with my miles. You know that’s like the traveler’s equivalent of winning the lottery.

I took a friend’s suggestions and signed up for the Eat Rio Tour on my day of arrival.  Not normally my thing, but I am SO glad I did it. I had a lot of fun, and the group that day was actually great! We started the tour at local produce market. Tom, the guide, was very informative.  (P.S. I was excited to use my new Iphone X,  hence the better quality photos).

I am not going to go into great detail of my day, because honestly, you should just stop reading this right now and book a ticket to Rio.  Once that is done use this link, Eat Rio , to sign up for the same tour.  See how easy that was…

If you are considering traveling to Brazil and have safety concerns, ask yourself why?  What is the crime like where you live? If you live in a community in middle of nowhere and it’s safe to leave your doors unlocked at night, then you may have a problem traveling to Chicago, never mind Brazil. IF you live in place, where crime is an every day occurrence, sorry to say like Chicago, then you will be fine traveling to Brazil.  At the end of the day it’s common sense.  Do not ask for trouble, and trouble will probably ignore you.  Every time I mentioned I was going to Brazil, I heard, BE CAREFUL. I should have asked those that told me to be careful, if they have ever been there? And if so did something to them? Or had something to happened to someone they actually know? Or was it, like it most cases, a friend of friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s Uncle who heard of it may happen? Common Sense is your friend. If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t bring it. And maybe leave the shiny stuff at home.  This is just my opinion. I spent 7 days in Rio de Janerio and not once did I feel unsafe.  Not to say crime does not exist just that I was lucky enough not to encounter it.

I rocked in the New Year, eating a ridiculous amount of cheese and watching the fireworks,



I did the required sites one must see while in Rio, including Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf, Selaron Steps and yes the famous Copacobana and Ipanema beaches.

And of course then there with fun times with these two…..

Most of my photos moving forward involve porn, food, but still. This is a public blog. So I will only share this one taken at Gringo Cafe, a cafe with an American flair in Ipanema. Since you will already be in Rio, remember you booked your ticket earlier, stop by and say Hello to Sam!


So we stayed at the Grand Hyatt which is in Barra di Tijuca. It’s a newer area and felt quite safe. I probably wouldn’t recommend it for sightseeing in Rio, as it’s a bit a drive from the Copacabana and Ipanema.  BUT if you are Hyatt loyal, that won’t stop you.  The hotel, has great views. And an amazing staff. I can’t speak highly enough of the concierge, Felipe and Caia, dealing with my 50,000 requests. Or Ramon, making sure I have coffee for breakfast. Or Marlon that keep feeding me cheese on New Year’s. I would go back for the staff, the property could use some TLC.

Until next time, safe travels!