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Photo by @FransLanting “Ivory is for Elephants” At the end of 2017 the Chinese government plans to ban ivory sales, by the terms of an agreement made between President Xi Jinping and President Obama in 2015. Let’s make sure our current administration in the US holds up its side of the bargain in 2018 and does not reopen the import of ivory and other elephant body parts from Zambia and Zimbabwe. Elephants deserve better than that. China's ivory ban is a great gift to elephants and all of us who care about their survival. We salute the many individuals and organizations worldwide who banded together with their counterparts in China to make this ban on ivory sales happen. Special thanks and gratitude go to Save the Elephants, to Wild Aid, and to the World Wildlife Fund network. I offer this image of an elephant in Namibia in recognition of this occasion and hope you will add your support to the organizations who will continue the hard work ahead. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @christineeckstrom @WildAid @SavetheElephants @World_Wildlife #Elephant #Respect #Dignity

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