Driving in Europe

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I’ve traveled the world, 6 continents and 39 countries, but outside of Canada, I have not driven in other countries.  Given that I like to be prepared when I travel, I’ve been researching the rules of the roads for the countries that we will be driving through.  I’ve learned some interesting things.

*Do not pass on the right-Oh how I wish American drivers would follow this simple rule.

*The Autobahn does have speed limits- The autobahn is the highway in German. While parts have no speed limits, parts nears urbanized areas do. And it’s enforced.

*You can get a ticket for driving in flip flops- Yes, especially if you are in a accident, even if you did not cause the accident.

*France- too many rules to list-like you must have a safety jacket or vest, your vehicle must have a breathalyzer, if you get pulled over and if the driver has been drinking everyone in the car gets a ticket.

*If you wear glasses, you must have a spare pair in the car- like I need any excuse to purchase another pair of glasses.

It’s good be informed. I am still a little nervous about driving around the various countries, at least I will be prepared driving in the right lane, with my sneakers and orange vest……….



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