And all good things come to end…..

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Last day of what has been a grand trip. After a farewell brunch with family and friends, I headed down to the docks for a harbor boat cruise. Somehow, is this in English, got lost in translation, so I ended up on a german only cruise.  Then I had to wonder what language I was speaking because I asked for wine and go this instead……


The Hamburg harbor was quite busy for a Sunday. Lots of cargo ships being loaded and moving in and out. Including planes.IMG_1700

It was hot and well I was tired so after the cruise I did want I tend to do in all major cities, the hop on hop off bus. Which was ok, until the English portion stopped working. So I decided to get off on the next stop, which happened to be the Wine and Food festival.  I’ve always loved visiting Europe for the Christmas Markets, but I am now seeing the allure of Festivals too! 

After sampling some wine, how could I not? I headed back to the hotel to figure out who the heck I was going to get my bags closed for my journey home. Did I mention that even with my best intentions, I managed to add to my load over the 12 days? 

One really nice perk of being Hyatt Diamond, is the free breakfast (my favorite meal).  And the Park Hyatt Hamburg, puts on a impressive spread. But after 12 days of hotels, I could not do it. I had to say no to the croissants. I guess it’s true, too much of a good thing, is still too much.

So I hail a taxi and off to the airport I go. Hamburg to Frankfurt on Lufthansa, connecting on United direct to Chicago.  Given that I got the airport super early, I went and hung out in the lounge. It was great for plane watching and thankfully, my love of croissants returned. 

It’s time for boarding so I hightail it to the gate. I had gotten rid of my larger luggage but I was still carrying 3 bags and an umbrella. One thing I love about flying on Lufthansa, they feed you, 10 minute flight, no problem, have a cookie. The only weird thing is they hand they out during boarding, while you trying to get settled, so my cookie ended up in the abyss that is my hand luggage.
I’ve spent a lot of time in the Frankfurt airport, odd I know, but I’ve learned to not mind it so much.  I actually really enjoy the Lufthansa Senator Lounge by the Z gates, because they have pretzels. So I was a little disappointed that I did not have time to visit on this trip. By the time I go my tax refund and picked up my airport chocolates, I had to run to the gate. 

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland

Ahhhh, I made it. I had a nice seat on the upper deck and some friendly people sitting across the aisle. But wait, what is this sitting next to me? Another cuddler? Seriously? I may need to find an airline that only has single seats. 

Hello Chicago!!!


The End.

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