Kenya and Tanzania February 2014, Part 3

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After a long and bumping ride from Amboseli, I arrived back at the Hilton Nairobi.



Like most capital cities, there were a lot people, car and buses. Organized chaos.  I learned my last lesson on my first trip to Africa and that was pack as light as possible. So I brought older clothes for Safari and I just left them at the camp. So now that I had room in my suitcase, it was time to go shopping.  That little excursion lasted 5 minutes. I could not deal with the haggling and come into my shop business.  The next day I had arranged a tour with a company that participates with Pack for a Purpose. The driver would deliver my donation to the day care, so it was a win win.

I started by day by visiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  They rescue elephants that have become orphaned. They raise them and then eventually return them to the wild.

IMG_0963IMG_0987 IMG_0989

After watching the elephants for about an hour, we headed over the Giraffe Manor


The biggest draw? You can kiss the giraffe? I am way to much of a germaphobe to be feeding the giraffe, never mind putting their food on my tongue so it can grab it.

The next stop was the Karen Blixen House, her story was made famous with the movie Out of Africa.


And the finally stop was at the Kazuri Bead Factory. Kazuri was started back in the 70’s to provide jobs to local single mothers.  They use the clay from Mt. Kenya to make jewelry. pottery and beads. Of course I had to support the local economy.

IMG_1008   IMG_1013  IMG_1015


Next up Zanzibar and Dar Es Salaam

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