Edinburgh Scotland- October 2014

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Time for some shortbread, scotch and boots…..

The day before departure, I kept getting notices from United saying that due to weather, ATC issues from the  fire the previous week at the FAA tower, there were a lot of cancellations so check flights before heading to airport. Great. I was scheduled to fly thru Frankfurt connecting to Edinburgh. Since I was up at 4:00 am and thought I would check my flight. Still good, but the direct flight to Edinburgh had seats open and upgradeable seats.  In true Flo reservation fashion,  I could not change my flight online. So I called reservations and was able to change my flight. So instead of seeing my German friends, I arrived in Edinburgh at 7.45am rather then 12.45pm

I actually arrived at the airport on time and did not have to make a mad dash for boarding, for once. I got settled and started chatting with my seatmate and texting a few friends. The purser was going around asking everyone if they were familiar with how the seats work. It was a nice touch, but I was familiar, so ignored the demonstration.  Apparently the lady sitting in front me of me, felt like I need instructions and gestured that I pay attention. WHAT? No proud of what happened next….

DYKWIA moment.Yep, Do You Know Who I Am?  Pretty sure the words I am a 1K and flown over 100,000 miles this year came out of my mouth.

That’s when my seatmate asked had I been drinking, just as the purser approached our row for the seat demonstration. “Do we need to cut you off? Put a star by your name?” Seriously? For the record, no I had not been drinking. I was just highly annoyed that some silly lady thought I needed instructions on how to use a seat…….

I smiled politely and said, no, I will behave. Hmmmmm

Anticipating loads of flight time ahead, I tend not to sleep well the night before a international flight. Sometimes it works, so that I fall asleep and stay asleep or sometimes, I am tossing around like a hamster on a wheel. This was a wheel flight.

IMG_2101      IMG_2102

I arrived in Edinburgh ready to go to bed….. But since I had arrived earlier then anticipated I was unable to get into my hotel. So off to Starbucks I went for the wifi of course, but the coffee and Bacon Buttie were not bad either.IMG_2104Stay tuned for more of this adventure…….

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