Aloha… Hawaii October 2014

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Well there were no Mai Tai’s in Maui, but there were Lava Flow’s in Kona……



Due to tropical storm/Hurricane Ana, my plans to meet my friends in Maui were changed. I ended up flying directly to Kona for a work conference. There is something psychological about flying for work, it’s just not fun. My flight had WIFI, which was a good and bad thing. Good because I was able to get some work done, bad because I was emailing and texting my friends constantly for 9 hours.



With the 5 hour time change, I was not happy when I arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii. I tried to stay up as late as possible, 9pm, but I still woke up with the birds at 3.30 am.  I figured the best way to beat the jet lag? Go to the gym. Except the Hilton is huge, 62 acres to be precise. And it was pitch black. And did I mention it was insanely humid due to that crazy weather system that was blowing past? So I called the operator and she told where to find the gym and it would be a little warm up of a walk……. WHATEVER. I walked for 45 minutes before I found that gym.  Well I got my workout in.

I had no conference stuff scheduled for Wednesday morning, so I spent the morning being lazy by the pool. I am glad I did, I met some amazing people from Kentucky! Hi friends from Kentucky!!! And then it was work, work, a little pool, more work.

When I was in Dubrovnik, last year, I met Bill and Matt, from Seattle. We’ve kept in touch and they were actually in Hawaii for work as well!  So fun to get to hang out with them.  We had a pre-pre-pre-pre party for my birthday party in 2016.  I believe the next pre-pre-pre party will be in Vegas in December.

I did make it out of Waikoloa to do a little sightseeing, I headed up to Volcano Natural Park. It was cold….



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