Cologne, Germany- November 2014

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A few days in Amsterdam was enough for me. There are only so many museums one can take. Next stop, Cologne,Germany. As I explained in a previous post, I stopped in to see my friend Laura.

I took the train from Amsterdam down to Cologne. Which was super easy to book via German train site, DB Bahn.

This was a trip that I spent the whole lot of my convenience money. I am not sure if it was because I was still not feeling well, but I had absolutely no patience to deal with trams, subways and trains. I actually took a shuttle from the Amsterdam Airport to the hotel. And I took a taxi from hotel to the Central Train station. Public transportation was an option but so was convenience money.

When I arrived at the Hyatt (come on did you think I would say Hilton?) in Cologne, my room was not ready, but they allowed me to go the lounge. Within 5 minutes, my room was ready. Props to the Hyatt  Regency Cologne!  The view from the lounge was amazing…. IMG_2667

Since I was just there for a quick afternoon to hang out with Laura, we checked out the Tower near the hotel which gave a amazing views of the city and the Cathedral.

We also checked out the Cologne Cathedral. Which I had visited many many years ago, but was quite interesting to see again with “adult” eyes. The architecture is just amazing. And well to be honest a little creepy….

IMG_1509And then we hit the Christmas Markets, where we enjoyed cheese, waffles and well wine……

IMG_2676    IMG_2685IMG_2672 IMG_2671

Cologne’s market made the top of my list at this point. They had quite the variety of markets. Nicer then the ones I had been to before in Munich. Or maybe it’s because I was with my German friend, who showed me to really enjoy a market. Thank goodness, germaphobe Flo stayed home. I can still taste that cheese sandwich, it was soooo good……

Properly stuffed and with the rain starting, we headed over the the Chocolate Museum.

IMG_2690  IMG_2694

And then back for more markets, which are just magical at night.

IMG_2695   IMG_2696

We met up with Laura’s friends and enjoyed some gluhwein before heading off to support Ukraine.

IMG_2703     IMG_2701

I had a great time visiting Cologne, it was fun to see Laura and make new friends. If you are heading to Germany for Christmas markets, I highly recommend Cologne. Besides you can give Laura a call…….

Stayed tuned, next stop Dresden,Germany

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