Africa-February 2015

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I am having a love affair with Africa. The more I go the more I want to discover. Last June, there was a fare sale to Johannesburg via Toronto. So I booked a ticket for February, thinking it was perfect time to escape Chicago and that I would have plenty of time to figure out my plans. Well…. let’s just say life (other trips) got in the way and come December I realized I should probably at least get some hotels booked.

I had the original foresight to book my flights to and from Toronto. So I just had to figure what I planned to do once I arrived in Johannesburg. On my previous trip, I had booked a private tour with Ekala Tours, so I considered booking them again.  But for me a day or two in Johannesburg is plenty, as it’s just another big city.  I considered doing safari but after my Kenya fiasco of a solo safari, I was hesitant to book another one. I also knew that I would need some downtime preferably some place the sun would be shining.  I am stilling hoping to hit my 50 before 40, but I decided I rather really enjoy my travels, rather than just go to get a stamp in my passport.

I had originally considered going to Victoria Falls ,Zimbabwe. But something deterred me. So then I looked into going to Durban, South Africa and taking a day trip into Lesotho. Since I was traveling solo, I experienced some difficulty arranging tours.  I made a rookie travel mistake of booking my airfare and hotels before confirming my tours. I am thankful for refundable airfare options and understanding hotels, (Hyatt Johannesburg). Ironically I ended up doing my first choice, Victoria Falls.  I had considered several beach options, Cape Town ( water is way too cold), Mozambique ( visa issue),  Seychelles ( too far north).   I finally ended going to Mauritius, an island off the east coast of Madagascar.  If I am honest, it’s because there was a direct flight on South African Airways,  part of Star Alliance so I get my miles, and well there was a Hilton.  I am sure there is a world out there where there is no Star Alliance flights and no Hilton or Hyatt’s, but it’s a not a world I am willing to discover yet.

So in the end, my trip went a little something like this…..

Chicago-Toronto-Frankfurt-Johannesburg-Victoria Falls-Johannesburg-Mauritius-Johannesburg-Munich-Toronto-Chicago

10 flights, 3 airlines and one amazing story.

Stay tuned for more details…..






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