Africa February 2015- Part 3

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Have you heard of the 4 corners? It’s a region in the southwest of the United States where Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico meet. The Africa continent has something similar. Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. So someone trying to get passport stamps, could easily visit 4 countries in 1 day. I only managed to get stamps from Zimbabwe and Botswana. I guess I have a good excuse to go back.

Since it was Valentine’s Day, I thought what better way to spend the evening than a romantic river cruise along the Zambezi River with some hippos. The hippos seems somewhat happy to see me, or so it appeared.

IMG_1561 IMG_3270 IMG_3271 IMG_3272


The next day I headed to Chobe National Park in Botswana.  This was my 3rd safari and hands down the best park, so far. Chobe has the highest concentration of elephants in the world.  Unfortunate for me, there was quite a significant rain the night before, so the elephants were enjoying the puddles.  I did manage to see a few and well some other animals as well.



If ever I had the opportunity to return, I will.  The park was just amazing, I wish I had spent more time here. I hear the best time to visit is August/September, maybe I should add it to list for my birthday party in 2016.

The next day I headed over to Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side. I messed up with my visa, so I did not go over to the Zambia side.


IMG_3473 - CopyIMG_3471

It was quite magical. I had gone early in the morning and practically had the place to myself.  Of course that ONE tourist was there. You know the one that really thought he had the place to himself, and gave no regard to the others that were there trying to take pictures.

You really only need a few days in the Falls, unless you plan to partake in the various activities. Since I had seen the Falls, it was time to move on. I had an afternoon flight back to Johannesburg.

Due to flight schedules, I ended up spending the night. Lucky for me, there was a Hyatt.  It was a quick train ride to the hotel. I figured I would pretend to get some work done in the lounge.  Part of the reason I love staying at Hilton’s and Hyatt’s worldwide is the executive lounges. Sometimes you just don’t want to be sitting in your hotel room.

So I was quietly attempting to work while drinking some wine, when the lounge attendant asked me something, and it became quite clear that I am American.  The man, sitting the table over, heard me speak and come over to me and said ” I just want to warn you, I am going to jump you”.  WHAT? I said “Excuse me?” He said ” Well it’s just that I get excited when I see blacks that are not from South Africa and I just want to jump them”.  I think he meant he wanted to talk?  I should have run away at this point.  I guess he was sort of serious about the whole “jumping” business, but thankfully the Hyatt staff working the lounge that night were amazing.

The next day I had my 6th flight, yes flight number 6 to Mauritius.

More details to follow…….




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