Where will I go next? July, 2015

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As most of you already know, I am on the quest for 50 before 40. I have not doubt in my ability to hit 50, but I am wondering where to next?

According my calculations, I am on 47. So where will 48, 49 and 50 be?

I just booked a ticket to return to Australia. I realized that I am not helping my quest with returning the same places. But stay tuned, fun news about Australia to follow soon.

So after locking down a few appointments, I realized I have some extra days available on this trip to just relax for a few days. I know Flo, Vacation, Relax, don’t normally fit into the same sentence.

My flight from the States (long haul) lands me in Sydney. I will be heading to Brisbane for a few days, but I don’t need to head there immediately. So I figured it would be best to catch a flight from Sydney to somewhere. Off to Google Flights I go. If you are not familiar with Google flights, I apologize now. If you are like me, you will spend hours just playing on it looking at flights, you will probably never take.

*** Side note: Google Flights is great for looking at flight possibilities. If you know your Departure City, you can leave the Arrival City blank.  You can also choose from the various drop downs. I always choose first class, even though I am flying economy, because you just never know,and that economy ticket looks like a bargain compared to first class.

So I entered my departure city as Sydney and only parameter, non-stop. And GO.


Loads of options!


Since I am trying to add to my country count, I decided to check out the islands. Well did you know, most of them over “owned” by someone? How much fun it must have been back in the day, sailing the world, finding an island, and saying oh I think I’ll claim this for France or Spain or Portugal.

I am going off the United Nations list of countries for my count. So I am using their map to track. I’ve highlighted the countries I’ve been to in yellow.


Looks like I need to study up on some South Pacific Islands. Any suggestions on where I should go?

Stay tuned for how this adventure unfolds……

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