Raleigh, North Carolina- October 2015

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You ever have one of those days were you just wake up on the wrong side of bed and yet your day turns out to be so crazy you can’t even remember why you were cranky in the first place?

I never thought that I would met a really nice guy (he had me a Tumi), pick out a ring, go to a chapel and find a reverend. All on the same day that did not start out so well.

I woke up insanely early for a Saturday morning. I was excited to see my friend, Michelle, but I was uber cranky about having to actually go to the airport.  I usually take the back roads to the airport, but for some odd reason I took the expressway. It’s not a secret I have a lead foot. BUT the lovely truck drivers on 290 thought better of allowing me to use it. Turns out they were ALL doing me a favor. There were like 20 police officers pulling people over right and left. I have to admit my mood increased a bit, and I thanked God for for those truckers.

Of course the line for TSA Pre Check is about 100 deep.


I finally cleared security in Terminal One and go to look at what gate I am leaving out of. Terminal 2, F19. Seriously?

About an hour later, I get to my gate and plop down and decide to catch up with what was going on in the world via Twitter. One of the travel bloggers I followed,OneMileataTime posted about being a flight with a celebrity.  Well boy was I surprised when I say that same celebrity walking down the terminal to my gate. I did a double take at first, because I was reading a blog about said celebrity and here he was right in front of me. I turned to the lady sitting next to me and just said “how strange is this”.  There was a little boarding area bonding with other passengers as we waited to board. It should be noted, said celebrity was using a “flip” phone. But I must say what baffled many of us was that this was a United Airlines EXPRESS flight. There was no first class, just crammed together coach seats.  I am pretty sure I had one of the better seats on the plane, 1A, so we were all curious to know where he was sitting. 5A for those of you interested.

It was during these conversations when my eyes discovered some “candy”, by candy I mean nice Tumi suitcase,being used the Nice Guy.  As easily distracted as I was by the bag, I was soon pulled back to reality when they announced boarding. I was going to run on the plane, even though I had no carry on bags  so I could get some spy photos of the celebrity. Well turns out while I was oggling the Tumi, I missed the celebrity boarding the plane.

Since I was in the bulkhead, I had asked the flight attendant if she had room in the closet for my purse. And then I said, Where is he? (Yes, it’s a creepy as it reads) She said 5A but he’s going to move. So I sat down to plot my next move. Well divine intervention worked in my favor. 5A had his bag in the closet and needed something so up the aisle he came. I said “Sir, would you like my seat?” **It should be noted, I used my full “Flo” smile. He turned smiled at me, put out his hand and said “It’s nice to see you”.  Well, forgot the spy photo. I asked if I could take a picture, he said sure but only with you. And this is how I found the Reverend.


After we landed I headed downstairs to wait for Michelle. She was about 10 minutes out so I just took a seat. Well the nice lady I had been chatting with in Chicago came up to me and said did you notice the other celebrity on the flight? I said no, wait who? She showed me a picture, it was Tumi Man……. I am not proud of what I did next. I proceed to walk over to the baggage claim carousel. Yes, I was on a day trip, so no I did not check any bags. I asked my new friend to confirm that Tumi Man was one and the same and she said yes.  I then proceed to march right up to him and admit that A. I had not checked bags, and B. Is he a celebrity, when’s he not being good looking Tumi man? and C. Could I take a picture?  I must say he’s a good sport, that or he saw the crazy in my eyes and decided it was safer to just play along.

      IMG_0035 IMG_0036

Of course now that I found the Reverend and a M an with great taste in luggage, it was on to the next stop. The Chapel of course, Duke Chapel.


All that was left at this point was to pick out some some rings! Thank you, Sara at Hamilton Hill.

                    IMG_0038 IMG_0039

Who knew I could accomplish so much in 1 day? I had a wonderful time visiting with Michelle. It was great afternoon, the kind with beautiful weather, good food and of course great company. We ended the afternoon visiting Duke Gardens, where ironically we found a wedding.

IMG_0044 IMG_0048

And then back to reality, no celebrities and cranky flight attendants.

In case you do not recognize the celebrities, that would be Reverend Jesse Jackson and Tumi Man, Jay Williams.

And here are some  photo’s of my attempts of being paparazzi….


Clearly I need to work my spy photo’s. Maybe a new camera? Any suggestions?

Until next time, Safe Travels.

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