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Country 49 for me……



It was just what I needed after all that sightseeing and traveling around Australia. A few lazy days at the beach in Fiji.

This is about the extent of my pictures…


I was too busy relaxing and soaking up the island life to take pictures. Sorry.

If Fiji is on your list, you should visit. It’s really a beautiful place. The local people are so welcoming and friendly.  The weather is just perfect, they have the most amazing sea breezes that you don’t even notice that it’s 31 c/ 88 f.

Thankfully, my travel home was uneventful. On a cool note, Vince Vaughn was on my flight home. And yes had that awkward moment, where I was like Oh Hi, and he just laughed because I then realized who I was saying Hi too…..

That concludes Australia Take 2. Until next time safe travels!

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