Perth Australia-June 2016

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After my little situation in Kuala Lumpur, I was not so eager to continue my schedule trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia.I really just wanted to go “home”. I still had another week before I needed to back in Brisbane, so I decided to head to Perth.

I am really proud myself these days, I’ve learned to be less of a control freak and more of a go with the moment type of person. Which is great to a point. Not so smart was booking a flight to Perth, without considering the weather. It’s winter in Western Australia, and I arrived with shorts and sundresses.   First stop was Target to buy some pants.

I had not done any research on what to do in Perth. I just walked around and enjoyed the views. I have to imagine it’s pretty spectacular in the warmer months.

A positive note I found a hair salon that uses my hair products, so I was able to get my hair done. While flying to Perth is not ideal, at least it’s an option.

I took the train out to Fremantle. What a fun town. I forgot I was in Australia. It was highlight of my trip. It’s a port town with a rich history, including the jail that used to serve all of  Western Australia.

I did some some retail therapy at Debra Corbett Studio and  The Laced Dutchess.  While I may not rush back to Perth to just visit Perth, I would for sure be back to explore more of Fremantle.


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