Flo’s Birthday July 2016-Part 5

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Hello 40


I had grand idea of going to the beach. But the weather god’s had other ideas.  But a few of my friends were still interested in going, so off to the beach we went. We headed over to Travmunde, a coastal town located on the Baltic Sea. Of course, it started to pour rain as soon as we decided to leave the house. Which was actually ok, because we got some great pictures with our brollies!

Then it was party time! As previously mentioned, the party theme was Oktoberfest. Which was bit odd, since it’s July and we were in Northern Germany. But Jan had asked if we could have a traditional German, throw the bone, fest. So there you have it 25 people, dressed in dirnd’s and lederhosen in Northern Germany in July. I had my dirndl made by Rare Dirdnl in Chicago. Erika is a phenomenal seamstresses. I highly recommend if you have a need for a dirnl anytime soon.

This party was definitely one for the books. I guess I can let the pictures tell the story. Too many to share. But memories I will cherish for a lifetime!

The next day we all stayed local and some of checked out the local town of Lubeck.  Which is a quintessential German town. Including market stalls in the town square.   That evening we went a lovely fish place on the Ratzenberg See .

And then it was time to head home.  Words can not describe how amazing this whole trip was. I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life!   To my fantastic family and friends, Jon, Lesley, Cassandra, Carrie, Rebecca, Laura, Breno, Sheila, John, Michael, Katy, Natalie, Natasha, Lena, Jan, Christianne, Norbert, Michelle, Alexis, Barry, Regine, Jovelt, Sebastien, Nicolas, Jocelyne, Bruce, Will, Sea and everyone that was there in spirit, THANK YOU!

Until next time…. Safe Travels!



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