Adventures in Australia-October 2016

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For someone who loves to travel, this blog is getting a bit boring. I have been a bit lazy with my travels as of late. Part of the issue has been the fact that I’ve been back to the States practically every month.  Somehow, though I am not tired of this view.img_0146I was stateside at the end of September and headed back to Australia in early October.  I finally moved out of my “temporary” lodging, the Hilton Brisbane. After 6 months, it was time. I leased an apartment close by. Now that I am settled in, I am realizing I should have just stayed at the Hilton. It’s not like I cook!

It is nice to have a balcony and enjoy the fresh air! Especially with my view.

I did take a trip out to the Sunshine Coast to visit the famous Australia Zoo. It is interesting, especially if you are a fan of Steve Irwin.

October was pretty low key. I had planned on doing some more travels, but well life got in the way. I was booked for Thailand but the King died. So I rebooked for Vietnam.  It turned out I had few friends scheduled to be there at the same time.  But then plans changed again, so I ended up heading back the States, AGAIN.

Stayed tuned for my November/December adventures! Lots of fun stuff planned. Until next time, safe travels!


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