Singapore-December 2016

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I first visited Singapore back in January 2001, but accident. I was working for United Airlines at the time. I had a block of days off and itch to travel. I foolish thought I would make a fligh to Australia. The holy grail of stand by travel. Silly me. I made it as far as LA only to have the flight go out with open seats, but weight restricted. I spent the night at a random airport hotel and went back to the airport in the morning.  Given that I only had a warm weather clothes, my options were limited. I ended up on a flight to Narita  (Toyko, Japan) where I was able to connect to Hong Kong. I begged a ride with the crew to the crew hotel and crossed my fingers they had a room. Luck was on my side.  As I was entering the elevator I saw a familiar face, Captain Ron.  I had met Ron the previous summer, on a trip to Tokyo. Poor Ron rubbed his eyes and said “Am I drunk or that Flo from Chicago? ” I said your probably drunk and yes it’s Flo.  He was working, flying a flight to Singapore the next night and would I like to come along?  Sure. Hence how I ended up in Singapore.

This time it was a bit more calculated. I am trying to visit more of this side of the world, while it convenient.   I vividly recall the clean streets, the crazy rain and the colonial British architecture. This is not the Singapore I found in December 2016.  This time, it gave a bit of a Vegas feel. In fairness I was staying near Orchard Rd and well that does not define all of Singapore. Previously I stayed near Raffles hotel that appeared to be stuck in time.

Then there was “Vegas” side of town.

I did a lot of walking around, visited a few museums and caught up with some friends. It was nice place to visit for a few days. But not a place I would go out of my way to visit again.

Happy Travels.

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