Rovos Rail, South Africa, February 2020

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Sometimes when I “pretending” to work, I am really looking at travel blogs and dreaming about trips I want to take. One day I booked flights to South Africa, without plans as to what I was going to do while I was there. As much as I love safari, I was not about to do one alone again. Somehow I came across the Rovos Rail and well….

I booked 3 day trip from Pretoria down to Cape Town on the Rovos Rail. It worked out as this was the first train that worked with my flights.

I spent one night in Johannesburg before heading to train depot in Pretoria. I actually took the Guatrain. It was fairly simple and I would recommend it, if it’s option. It helped I was traveling with hand luggage only.

I had received a message a few days before departure that due to track issues, we were requested to show up early for the train. We were welcomed into a lounge area. There was a train museum that provide some insight into the history of the train and a random alpaca.

We then boarded and it was soon time to leave.

The train encourages socialization so they ask that we not use electronics in the public space. So originally I respected and did not bring my phone and take photos of the meals. I ate my first lunch alone. I appeared to be the only solo travelers, but the crew was amazing, so I did not feel alone. Luckily at dinner, 2 lovely ladies from Sweden, invited me to join them.

The food… where to begin. Wow. I never had a bad bite and they were very accommodating to food allergies. The wine and liquor pairs were amazing. Honestly I had no complaints.

On the 2nd night, it was fancy dress

The train did not run as planned, there were signal issues, flooded tracks, no power, dead locomotive, etc. But in the end I still really enjoyed it. Yes I was bit disappointed to miss Kimberly, but now I have another reason to go back and do it again! We ended up spending an additional night on the train. Which was no hardship, with the food and liquor following. I would 100% recommend the train. It was great to unplug and relax, and literally just watch the world go by.

Stay tuned next stop Cape Town!

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