Copenhagen and Malmo

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Since I was traveling to various cities on this trip, I constantly checked the weather to make sure that I had the proper clothes.  While it would have been a great excuse to go shopping, I am paranoid and rather be prepared.  For weeks, the various weather apps were showing that the weather in Copenhagen would be in the low 70’s. Even after I arrived and I discovered that was clearly not true, the damn weather app insisted on sticking to it’s story.


I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and take a boat tour. It’s about an hour and takes you around the various sights of Copenhagen. Including the local bathing spots, which are all clothing optional.


Copenhagen is a interesting mix of old and new. I would definitely go back and visit again, when it’s not as crowded. But be warned it’s on the pricey side.

Malmo, Sweden is quick train ride away from Copenhagen. It’s big claim to fame, this twisty building and this cool lighthouse

IMG_1415  IMG_1414

and what’s a trip to Sweden without a selfie?


Since there was no Hyatt in Copenhagen I stayed at the Hilton. It was located at the airport but the train to the City only took about 10 minutes.  I will say that outside of the United States, Hilton’s are pretty great, and this one was really nice. I was able to get check in when I arrived and was upgraded to executive floor, which gave me lounge access.  I like lounge access because it gets me out of my room, especially if I have to work. So after a hot afternoon of sightseeing, I would head back to the hotel, grab my laptop and head to the lounge to “work”.  It’s interesting to how different people behave in the lounge. Now I am not going to lie, I like to get my wine on, but never to the point where I am drinking all the liquor in the lounge.  One night there was a family of 5 having dinner. Then their cousins and grandparents joined in the action. It took 5 refills, before I was actually able to get something.

While the food was enjoyable,  I was not going to make dinner out of it. But I sure did enjoy getting my wine on………





Flying to Copenhagen

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When I started car shopping I knew I wanted to do European Delivery, if possible, depending on which car I went with. I also knew that I was planning on attending a party in Germany in July. So when I finally decided to purchase the car, I asked if would be possible to do delivery in July.

Of course, I should have known it would not work out as planned. The party was in Hamburg on July 26th. So I had asked if would be possible to do delivery in Leipzig on July 25th. Well we know how this story ends, due to the new model debut, the track time at Leipzig was all booked up. My only choice would be August 11th, if I wanted Leipzig. Or I could take July 7th or 18th in Stuttgart. Hmm. so I either fly over for the 7th and fly home and then back to Hamburg, or I take the 18th and take a nice summer vacation. Option 2 just made more sense.

Originally I was hesitant to drive around for days on end, so a short and simple road trip was planned. But then I had 5 days before I needed to be in Hamburg, so then what? I thought about various places, like Malta or Greece or Poland, but I had little problem, Baggage. I was traveling for 12 days so I had some serious bags. Too much to be schlepping on the train. And have you seen what airlines charge these days for bags? So my options were limited to flying on Star Alliance. And of course there had to be a Hilton or Hyatt. And I wanted to take advantage of the fact it was summer.

So given all that nonsense, going to Copenhagen checked all the boxes. SAS flew direct from Frankfurt, there was a HIlton, and it’s just beautiful in the summer.

So I corral all my bags and head to check in for my flight in Frankfurt.Where I proceed to make a big stink because they try to tell me I need to pay to check my 2nd bag. Fine, I tell the agent, just charge me, it’s wrong but I am not going to argue. The agent I am not oh wait I am sorry you are correct you don’t have to pay. VICTORY for like 2 seconds. Why would I fight with the agent taking my bags, they may end up in Timbuktu……

I make it to the gate area and I overhear some Americans talking. It’s funny the things people will say when they think those around them don’t understand. It was quite entertaining.

And finally board the plane, luckily it’s a quick flight because I am not sure how much time I could handle having my knees in my throat