Goa, India- January 2018

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I have been to India a few times now, and I’ve always enjoy

I need to get my health back on track, so I decided to go to Goa, India for 2 weeks and do a cleanse. I joked that I was going to eat street food and let nature take it’s course. The look of horror on people’s face. If you are not able to drink the local water, it’s not advised to eat street food. This is an international rule. FYI, the drinking water is not kind to the western stomach in India.

My “cleanse” was more of no drinking and making better food choices. And lot of walking around taking sunset and landscape photos.

I spent two in total in Goa. Which in my opinion was a week too long.  I did change hotels 1/2 way thru. For the first week, I stayed at the Park Hyatt and then 2nd week the Grand Hyatt.  If I were go back, I would choose the Park of the Grand. Only because if you are in Goa to relax, the Park is much calmer and quieter. The Grand was quite active. In fact I gate crashed about 4 wedding during the week I was there.  And I worked on taking more landscape photos.

I did manage to lose weight, so mission accomplished.  Most people would not travel that far for that but it worked for me.

Until next time, safe travels.


Mumbai May 2014

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I first went to India, New Dehli, in August 2001. I loved it! I’ve always wanted to go back and I had to the chance this year to go to Mumbai.

I did the typical tourist things one does while in Mumbai.

Elephanta Caves, Gateway of India, Taj Hotel,  Gandi Residence, Dhobi Gant,  getting a glimpse of the Dabbawalla’s.
IMG_1221     IMG_1252

IMG_1308    IMG_1287

But dare I say the best part of this trip? The MANGO’s, Alphonso mango’s to be precise.  I broke my first rule of international travel, which is to avoid fruit and vegetables that may have been washed in water that you are not supposed to drink. These mango’s were so worth breaking the rule

Did I mention that I loved the mango’s????

photo 1         photo 3 (1)   photo 2 (1)

While Mumbai was enjoyable, I am not sure that I would go back again, its possible if I were in transit but not for days of touring around.