Autobahn and Lindau Germany

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So after all the excitement of taking delivery of my new car, it was time to hit the road. Porsche provided a nice lunch and a factory tour. This factory tour was different then my previous tour, as we got to view the engine shop. Just fascinating.

The first stop on the road trip was Lindau, Germany. It’s an inlet located on Lake Constance in Southern Germany. Porsche provided a handheld GPS, because I had not opted to have the European Maps loaded on the car’s GPS. If you’ve ever driven in an area that experiences seasons, you know that summer is also know as construction season. It was brutal trying to leave Stuttgart, due to my inexperience with German construction as well as my new car.

Finally, one hour later we hit the Autobahn, lets open this baby up. And no, we are going to sit in traffic, what should have been an easy 2 hour drive, was closer to 4.  We were fortunate enough to hit some of the unlimited patches and had some fun trying to see how fast we could go.  But with traffic, we only got to about 115 mph.

Since the car is set for export to the US, it had temporary license plates. Not the normal German sized plates, but more like State side plates due to the configuration of the car. So most people driving knew that we were not local.

Enter the jerk in the Mercedes. I mentioned traffic was heavy right? Well in Germany, you follow the rules of the road, pass on the left, slower traffic to the right. Well since traffic was sort of heavy, we were sitting in the left, passing as much as we could. Well the jerk thought we were just sitting left and tried several times, unsuccessfully to get in front of us.  Until he finally had enough and just cut me off, causing me to swerve into the right lane.  Well my Porsche beat his Mercedes, so I won that game of chicken, but it was a game I most certainty do not want to play again.

We finally arrived safely in Lindau and never have we been so thankful to find out room was freezing cold.

After a nice stroll thru the town, we had a lovely dinner along the lake, where we witnessed a wedding  ceremony. A very relaxing evening after a very fun day.

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