Adventures in Australia-September 2017

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I have very few adventures in Australia in September. Mainly because I was gone most of the month. A friend was unexpectedly in Melbourne for the weekend, so I flew down to hang out. Which was rough, I flew in from Austin on Thursday and flew down to Melbourne on Friday.

I stayed at my 2nd home in Australia, Grand Hyatt Melbourne. I love this place, it like visiting with friends. Truly. They called me out for being cranky and jet legged, yes Roddy- I heard you. So they organized a massage over at the Park Hyatt. So much for never going back there. It was just what I needed.

Since it was raining when I met up with my friend ,we headed over to the National Gallery Victoria, which was featuring a Dior exhibit. It was surprisingly fun.  His original pieces were just amazing.

The gallery was quite interesting as well. It has unique collection of art and aside from special exhibits, it’s free. So another reason to visit.

Ironically, the sun came out as we were leaving. Melbourne is a bit like Chicago with it’s weather.


There were not too many adventures in Brisbane, because I headed back to the States a few days later. Yes you reading that correctly,  I was in Texas flew back to Australia and then back to the States in a matter of 2 weeks.

Until next time, safe travels!

Australia Take-2, November 2015-Part 2

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I am always amazed at my ability to sleep after having crossed multiple time zones. I rarely get jet lag but boy do I get food lag. I quickly got over that on my first morning.

I had the most amazing croissant, outside of Europe, for breakfast. And well it’s no surprise the coffee was unbelievable, given that I was in the coffee capital of the world. And don’t get me started on the bread. I forgive Australia for not having proper bacon, only because their bread is insane.

IMG_0189 IMG_0190

Properly sated, I headed out for a day trip down to the Mornington Peninsula with Melbourne Coastal Tours. I choose this tour company because they are geared to small group, maximum 11 people. We visited a a goat farm, several wineries and a strawberry farm. It was an amazing day.  I was lucky enough to meet Jackie and Sue, who were in Melbourne celebrating Jackie’s birthday.  New friends, blue skies and wine, who could ask for more?


When I returned to my hotel, my bag was still not there…….. Apparently it had arrived in Sydney on Saturday morning, but had to clear customs and it was too late for it get a flight to Melbourne. UGH!

The next day I headed out on the Great Ocean Road Tour.   It made a long day, but it was so worth it. We made several stops along the way. A lot of scenic look outs, koalas in the tree’s, kangaroo’s in the wild and cheeky birds that would just land on your head



And when I arrived back at the hotel, my bag finally decided to grace me with it’s presence. Just in time for me to head up to Brisbane. Stay tuned for Part 3