Adventures in Australia-September 2016

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September in Australia brought me to my first rugby game, South African Springboks versus Australian Wallabies. It’s funny  it took me moving to Australia to finally understand the love of sports. I was all about getting “kitted” for the match. Like I was hard core fan or something. Never mind, I had trouble following the actually game.

The Springboks arrived the week before the game and I had the enjoyment of taking elevator selfies with them. More like I told them don’t come elevator with me because I would make them take a photo.

I hope my excessive photo taking did not affect their performance. I had an amazing time attending my first game,  but sadly they lost.

September also brought my friends, the lizards, back from their winter break.  I had forgotten about them. Walking in the garden will become interesting again.

And well if I am honest, the real reason why this blog post is so boring, is because I was too busy drinking champagne with new friends. And no I will admit, at least not on this blog post, whose the 2nd glass was……

Until next time, safe travels……..