Sunday Funday, Charlotte, North Carolina-December 2014

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Ding ding, who’s there? SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So due to unexpected change of travel plans, I decided to fly out to Charlotte and crash Sunday Fun day at Carrie and Nick’s house. But since I waited until Thursday to book my ticket the United options would get there too late to spend any decent time, so I checked out American Airlines/US Air. Oh they had seats, alright, MIDDLE SEATS!!!!!!!



Never mind, that A & C were empty, I will forever being using the “remember that time I fly middle seat Coach story”.  Oh how can I forget Zone 5 boarding? Well that was not so awful, I did meet Scott in line, so it was not a total waste.  Hi Scott!

It was a fantastic afternoon hanging out with old friends and making new ones, Shari and Shelley! The boys flew their planes, while the gals gossiped over wine.


And then I had to go back home…….

I am so very thankful that I had the ability to fly out for the day. The look on Carrie’s face was absolutely priceless! The 2nd best look of shock was Brian and Jen……. ( Brian’s realization that I might be there to collect my hug was more a look of horror then shock!)

So friends, be forewarned, I might be stopping by for a visit soon…….



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