2014 Year in Review

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Recently a friend shared his 2014 flight statistics, from number of flights, to airplane type to cost. Yeah, your not getting that information from me. I can tell you I roughly flew, bottom in the seat, about 110,000 miles this year, on 55 flights total.  While I do not recall all the other details, I can share some interesting facts

* Only had 2 flights, in which I was stuck in the middle seat.  Chicago to Frankfurt and well the most famous one of all, Chicago to Charlotte.  ( Funny enough both flights involved an adventure with Carrie….)
* 1st flight of the year, Fort Lauderdale to Chicago
* Last flight of the year, Chicago to Miami
* 2 major flight cancellations- Chicago to Zurich- rerouted a day early to make my safari ( lesson learned) and Chicago to Seoul- arrived about 5 hours later then scheduled.
* Most visited airport, besides Chicago- BERLIN…. shocking actually usually it’s Frankfurt.
* Nights in a Hotel- more then I am willing to admit…..
* 5 new countries visited this year; Kenya, Tanzania, Liechtenstein, South Korea, North Korea,
* Drove in Europe for the first time, in my own car.
* Ate fruit in a country where your not supposed to drink the water, Alphonso mangoes, would do it again in a heart beat!
* Actually visited friends, on purpose, just because.
* Discovered a visa service company that opened up all those countries that require visa’s.
* Checked bags and actually got them back, in a timely fashion.
* Booked way too many 6 am flights….
* Only got yelled at twice by Flight Attendant for misbehaving- Chicago-Honolulu for using my phone in airplane mode  and well my DYKWIA moment Chicago to Edinburgh
* MET THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE ALONG THE WAY……… Katy and Russell in the pool in Dar Es Salaam, Laura at a party in Hamburg, Kris and Bill heading home from Germany, Kevin over pizza in Chicago, Whitney on a boat in Savannah, Shelley and Carmen over bacon in Savannah, Brittany in LA while delivering pizza, Travii in Las Vegas while gate crashing a party, John in Savannah where he was so bold to ask me who my airline alliance is……

Its been a great year!  I looking forward to many new adventures in 2015. And who knows I may be popping in for a visit……….

Happy Travels!


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