Back to Zero, January 2015

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January 1st is a sad day in the frequent traveler’s world, all counters reset to zero ( well US based travelers)

UAL ****Yes I am hiding the fact I spent WAY too much for a flight from Miami to Chicago…

Capture                   Hyatt

My sister said to me, you are done right? You are not going to keep chasing “status”? Originally, I quoted Ryan in “Up in the Air” movie, ” Let’s just say that I have a number in mind and I haven’t hit it yet”.  Now that I am back to zero, I am rethinking my strategy. I mean come on, what is the end game? What is “gasp” the point of accruing all these miles and points if there is no plan?

Originally my plan was to book a fantastic trip with my family members for my 40th birthday. Well the destination for the “big” party has been narrowed done to a couple of places. And dare I say, Star Alliance, does not fly there. SO, Plan A, out the window.

Moving on to Plan B, take my family some place for my 40th birthday, where there is a Hilton or Hyatt. Yep, you guessed it party destination does not have either a Hilton or Hyatt.

Now for Plan C? Burn baby burn, the travel bloggers that I follow will tell you airlines miles and hotel points are not a commodity worth hanging on to. They will loose value and by the time your accrued enough for that trip of a lifetime,  the rules may have changed and you’ll need more.

I was able to find a business class ticket to Sydney using my miles. I had not planned on going to Australia, but for $120 in business class, ok why not? Free nights at the Park Hyatt Sydney? Sign me up.

In the past I worked so hard to track my flights and hotel nights, I am taking a different approach for 2015, I am just going to go…..

I am going to use my miles to fly to places maybe I’ve already been or some place new. And I am going to use my hotel points to pay for my rooms vs. worrying about nights and points.

But mostly importantly, I am just going to go…….ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE.

**well maybe I want to keep my Hyatt status, so any suggestions on fun places with Hyatt’s would be appreciated.

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