London-April 2015

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One the travel bloggers I follow, Nomadic Matt, was recently in London. Reading about his trip, inspired me to book a trip. Which seem like a good idea at the time I booked it, but in theory the timing was off. The trip fell in the middle of a seriously crazy stretch of travel. Like I’ve been at the airport every single week in February, March and April…..

After returning from Paris, I picked up a nasty sinus infection. I am pretty sure falling asleep on the plane, with my mouth open and the vent blowing recycled air might have had something to do with it. I felt well enough to pop into Boston and down to Dallas, though. But then somehow I picked a nasty influenza B virus. So nasty, it was questionable if I should have gone to London.  As the departure date arrived, I feel better, not 100%, but well enough to fly, or so I thought. I survived, but my ears were killing me. Lesson learned, just stay home next time. Flying with clogged ears is not joke.

My friend, Laura, was flying over from Cologne, to hang out. We arrived within 30 minutes of each other, and lucky for me, United, has a arrival lounge in Heathrow, including showers. So I was able to refresh before hitting the town.

Lucky for me Laura, had lived in London, so she played tour guide for me. I’ve been before but it has been years!

We started are day with Brunch, followed by some street food.

IMG_4167 IMG_4168  IMG_4169   IMG_4171


And a little sightseeing

IMG_4186  IMG_4190IMG_4194

But the coolest thing we did? Dinner at Duck and Waffle, the highest restaurant in London. I would suggest some elastic waist pants, if you plan to eat here.


The view…..


bbq-spiced crispy pig ears


spicy ox cheek doughnut


roasted octopus


duck& waffle



I was pleasantly surprised to see the food options were so much better then the last time I visited London. Food trucks and stalls everywhere we turned. In fact, I would put London on the list of places to wear your elastic waist pants.  I am pretty sure I gained 5 pounds on this trip.

As always it was quick trip, but it was nice to hang out with Laura. And lucky for me, my ears unclogged for my flight home. I am now getting ready for my next adventure, down under to Australia… Stay tuned.



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