Australia- April 2015

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I should start this post with saying that I realize I am truly blessed to be able to travel the world the way that I do. I thank God for every opportunity and for keeping me safe while I am on my adventures. BUT sometimes my trips do not go as planned, this trip being one of them. It was just a series of unfortunate events. The worse part, Sam Smith having to cancel his concert in Melbourne due to illness.

There were good parts, like beautiful sunrise/sunset in Cairns. An amazing view from my hotel room in Sydney. Hearing the Sydney Symphony Orchestra play in the Sydney Opera House. And watching an Aussie Rules Football game.

But ultimately, what I remember from this trip is that fact that Sam was sick. I know know get over it, I was in Australia.

Here are some pictures….. of course none of Sam.

Sunrise and Sunset in Cairns

IMG_4382    IMG_4409

The amazing view from my hotel room…… Park Hyatt Sydney and requisite selfie in front of the Opera House

IMG_4412   IMG_4440

Inside the Sydney Opera House.. where I heard Josh Pkye, perform with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Not quite Sam, but quite enjoyable.


Carlton vs. Collingwood Football in Melbourne

IMG_4459 IMG_4458

With Hulk Hogan……. but no Sam…..


I heard that Sam maybe be rescheduling his tour dates for Australia in December. I just might have to redo this trip……

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