45 down 5 more to go……….

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Last year I mentioned that I would like to visit 50 countries before I turn 40. Which given my love of travel should be easy…..

WELL….. I keep going to the same places! So it’s proving to be much harder then I thought.

Upcoming travels include a quick stop in Paris to visit with friends. Drinks, dinner, lunch, sure why not stop in Paris? Meeting up with my friend John, who will be there for work. And Bruce and Will who are heading over for the French Open. Funny enough dates/times got lost in translation so instead of 2 days, it’s just going to be an afternoon. But for those of you who know Bruce, you know it was not me that messed up the dates……. (Still looking forward to seeing you Pal………)

So after my quick jaunt to Paris, I am heading over to Italy. To help with my country quest, I am planning on visiting San Marino. Officially the Republic of San Marino. It’s completely enclosed by Italy.  It’s one of the smallest countries in the world. Should be interesting to visit.

Next trip is to Nice, France for my birthday, including a side trip to Monaco. Oh…. I just smell the lavender now…..

IMG_0620 - Copy

So that just leaves me with 3 countries to go………

Seychelles? Hungary? Poland? Maldives? Malaysia? Vietnam? Cambodia? Luxembourg? Columbia? Burma? Costa Rica?

Well at least I am inching closer. My travel plans are all over the map, literally, so who knows where 48, 49, and 50 might just be. While I hope to make 50 before 40, if it does not happen that would be okay. Because I am sure I’ll have great memories of revisiting the same places for whatever reason that drew me back there. Like a possible visit to the European Christmas Markets in December (Yes, Sheila, that would be with you).

But I know this, I am sure I’ll have a blast researching and trying to figure it out……..

Where would you go?

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