Adventures in Australia-May 2016

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I am almost embarrassed to admit that I have become lazy about travel. I think it’s the air here in Australia. Or the beauty or something. I just do not feel the need to jump on a airplane at every turn anymore.

BUT I realize I am living in Australia and I’ve only seen like 1 mile of it. So I decided to take a quick trick up to Cairns. BAD IDEA. Normally I would research the crap out of a new location before booking a trip. Since I’ve been to Cairns before, I did not for this trip. OOPS.If I had bothered to research my trip on the day I booked it, which was 2 days before departing, I would have seen the weather forecast. It was not ideal for a trip the Great Barrier Reef. The clouds were cool for flying…..

But for taking a boat trip to Green Island, not so much. Thank goodness I did not opt for the trip the Outer Reef. And for having the foresight not to eat. It was not pleasant. This is the only picture I took. And that is not a filter

File_000 (1)

It’s safe to say,  I did not find Nemo.

The next day I had  super early wake up call to go up the Atherton Tablelands. Where I checked another item from my bucket list, a Hot Air Balloon ride.

I did 60 minute ride and I probably would have been ok with a 30 minutes. Apparently my motion sickness is no joke. The best part of the ride was when my friend Dawn called on Facetime, with Quinn and Olivia. So fun that I got to share it with friend in Dallas, Texas while I was flying somewhere over Mareeba, Queensland.

I am sure I’ll make it back to the Reef one day. At least I now know I need to load on motion sickness cures beforehand.

Until next time, safe travels!



One thought on “Adventures in Australia-May 2016

  1. A hot air balloon? So envious! But, since I have horrible motion sickness as well, I may have to pass on that one!

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