Phuket, Thailand-May 2016

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When I finally decided to move to Australia, I booked into some temporary housing. I figured that I would find a more permanent place when I got settled, so I only booked into the end of May. Mid May was fast approaching and I was about to be homeless. Since I only had a few weeks, I figured why not go earn some hotel points. A quick check of where my frequent flies miles could take me and well, Hello Phuket!

June is the raining season in Phuket, so I was able to find a fantastic rate at the Hyatt Regency Phuket. The sun did happen to make an appearance every now and then, though.

I was pretty lazy in Phuket, it helped that it was rainy must days. I was able to catch up on lots of stuff that I been putting off.

I did make trip to closet little town, with the swimming beach.  But the ocean just looked angry.

I opted to people watch instead. I guess it’s tourist thing to do, hire photographer to take honeymoon/wedding pictures. I guess I am just missing the romantic side of these streets.

Phuket was exactly what I needed. A few days of downtime and relaxation. There is something to be said about just watching the rain.

Happy Travels!

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