Bangkok, Thailand- May 2018

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My dear friends had moved from Dubai to Bangkok and since it was “easy” flight from Brisbane, I planned a long weekend to say Hello.  What pursed over the course of the next few days was a typical trip, lots and lots of laugh, amazing food and of course a signature drink. The drink of choice this trip, Lychee Martini


It was really HOT in Bangkok. Coming from winter in Brisbane I was not prepared for how hot it was going to be.  Oliver, the foodie, has arranged for us to have some amazing meals, including brunch at The Siam Hotel. So we decided to surprise him as well, with a photo shoot,  bu the photographer did not show up. Luckily we had Iphone’s, so we managed to get some fun photos.  I think the smiles say everything.


We had an awesome tasting menu that evening at Gaa, it was sooooo good.  2 course are missing from the pictures, the corn plate, which was ridiculous and the soup.  If you are Bangkok, so worth checking out.


It was great catching with friends, especially in foreign cities to explore. Another friend, Will, happen to be in town and we were able to catch up over breakfast. I love that my transient life means randomly meeting up with friends all over the world.

Until next time



Phuket, Thailand-May 2016

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When I finally decided to move to Australia, I booked into some temporary housing. I figured that I would find a more permanent place when I got settled, so I only booked into the end of May. Mid May was fast approaching and I was about to be homeless. Since I only had a few weeks, I figured why not go earn some hotel points. A quick check of where my frequent flies miles could take me and well, Hello Phuket!

June is the raining season in Phuket, so I was able to find a fantastic rate at the Hyatt Regency Phuket. The sun did happen to make an appearance every now and then, though.

I was pretty lazy in Phuket, it helped that it was rainy must days. I was able to catch up on lots of stuff that I been putting off.

I did make trip to closet little town, with the swimming beach.  But the ocean just looked angry.

I opted to people watch instead. I guess it’s tourist thing to do, hire photographer to take honeymoon/wedding pictures. I guess I am just missing the romantic side of these streets.

Phuket was exactly what I needed. A few days of downtime and relaxation. There is something to be said about just watching the rain.

Happy Travels!