Vanuatu-January 2017

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Most people who have trouble sleeping maybe try some melatonin, herbal tea or some lavender. But not Flo, don’t be silly, Flo gets on a plane so she can get some sleep.

It’s no wonder I was having trouble sleeping, I was in the States, then Europe, back to the States then Australia. It also did not help that the bed in apartment I was renting was AWFUL. So after 5 nights in a row of no sleep, I made the executive decision to get some rest. I was not going to stay in Brisbane, because well, why loose an opportunity to travel somewhere new?  I was so tired, the thought of long plane ride took most places out of the running. Enter Vanuatu. There were direct flights from Brisbane and it was only 2.45 hours away on Virgin Australia. Perfect. Plus it would give me the opportunity to visit a new country.

Vanuatu, according to Wikipedia.,  is an island located in the south Pacific Ocean. It reminds of a Caribbean, for my US followers. The airport has one runway, so you land and then turn around to get to the gate.

There are not many chain hotels in Port Vila, the capital.  I booked in for 4 nights at the Warwick Le Lagon. I’ll be honest, I am not sure why. It was not bad, but I am sure if I done more research I would have chosen a different option.


It has a pool, was on the ocean and the bed was comfortable. It fit my needs. The plus side was the food was pretty good for a resort. If anything the portions were too big!

So what did I do? I slept. I ate a bit and then slept some more. I felt like a new person!  I did make it out into the ocean. You did not need snorkel gear to see the fish. You just had to go about hip deep and well Hello!

I did not do any tours or go snorkeling or scuba diving. I just relaxed. And it was perfect.

I would not recommend flying just from the US to Vanuatu, because as nice as it was, it made the airport made the Port Au Prince airport look nice. However, if you are in the area, maybe doing some island hoping, I would definitely recommend it.  It was amazing, the people are beautiful and who does not love a bit paradise?

For the country counters, this is number 52 for me.

Until next time, Safe Travels!

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