Bali, Indonesia-February 2017

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I remember vividly my first trip to Bali. It was when I first caught on to the game for free travel. I was so excited. And then my nephew got sick a few days before my trp. My sister had to attend to something out of town and her husband had a critical meeting. Grandma was in Florida, so that left the Auntie’s. Could I take a day off and help out? Who says no to a sweet 11 month old? Well I should have, the little germanator……  I was sick on my trip to Bali. So sick, I took like 2 pictures. And all I remember was it was HOT.

Fast forward 5 years, I had a credit on Virgin Australia, and  I was in between accommodations in Brisbane.  So it was an easy choice to go back to Bali.


This trip was so different then my first time. I actually took a lot of pictures. I hired a driver and went up to Ubud.  I was also able to stop by the John Hardy factory It was interesting to see all the jewelry being handmade.

I also visited some rice fields, some temples and made some new monkey friends.  And yes, I politely passed on the opportunity to hold a bat

Overall, this trip was quite relaxing. I had my first and last Balinese Massage. Even though I told her light pressure, she took light to be strong.  I ended up in bed at 6pm getting my cuddle on with some Ben-Gay.  It was hurt that I never need to experience again. So imagine my shock when I went for a facial the next day and was told it comes with a massage. And it was the same masseuse from the day before. OH NO….. first of all, what kind of spa gives a massage with a facial? I mean, ok if I had not been pulverized the day before, I would have been happy.  Luckily she was much more gentle this time. And no surprise, that when I went for my pedicure,  it also came with a massage.  The dumb move on my part though, was not all the massages, it was going out in the blazing hot sun covered in oil. I am burnt like a piece of bacon right now. And it’s the worst on the back of my legs… Just want I need before flying for 6 hours.

Now I am not proud of what I am about to write. I do not condone violence. And you should always check your temper before going to the airport.  And yes I need to learn to follow my own advice. I spent 8 days, hairbrush and pant free. So I was not in the best mood when I had to pack up and head back home.I had an issue with trying to check out, which included being double charged by the hotel.  (still trying to get that resolved). So needless to say I was not happy by the time I arrived at the airport.  The airport is modern and clean, so that was plus.  You have to have all your bags scanned before you can even get to the ticket counter. Well somehow I ended up in the middle of Chinese tour group.  I admit it looked odd. So of course I got stopped and asked for my ticket. I pointed and said it was at the ticket counter on the other side of security. “Where are you going? Why no ticket? Why are you in this line with this group? Again, where is your ticket?” Now while I am being questioned, I was also being pushed by the tourist behind me. And the guy was just not letting anyone thru. Thankfully I was wearing my Apple watch and I pointed to my next calendar item that showed I was flying to Sydney and he let me through.  Well there were annoyed tourists behind me and they were determined to get thru the line before me. HA not about to happen. There may or may not be video footage of me elbowing a silly gal trying to cut in front  of me. Or perhaps me kicking her suitcase when she tried to throw it in front of me. Or even still maybe me body checking her so I could through the metal detector.  Not confirming nor denying that any of that may have happen. But if it had I am sure some Indonesian security guards had a good chuckle.

Until next time…. Safe travels.


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