Seville, Spain- June 2017

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Oh the joys of travel.  I sometimes wonder what I am I thinking when I look at my schedule. Then I remember life is meant to be lived and for me that means traveling the world.
My friends, Lesley and Jon, had booked their bi-annual vacation to Spain. My cousin was getting married in Brussels around the same time. So when they asked if I would be interested in meeting them, it was not really a question.
Jon and I were texting trying to work out the details. What a mess, I was planning on being in the wrong cities on the wrong days. I highly recommend picking up the phone and having an actual conversation when travel plans are involved.

When the dust settled my itinerary would, Seville, Spain for 4 nights, Brussels, Belgium for 3 nights and London for 4 nights. I have to be honest this trip was a bear to book. In part because of the different cities, and transport between them.  Waiting for the last minute to book a trip to Europe during high season, proved to not be the best idea.  My outbound flights were Chicago to Boston to Madrid to Seville. Which would have been fine, but my ankle was still broken.

My trip started out with drama. I had requested a wheelchair in Chicago. I waited 30 minutes and it never showed up. I finally was told to walk because my flight was about to board.  Luckily the flight was delayed and I was able to make it on time. Then I arrive in Boston, more wheelchair drama. And yet another flight delay. Upon arrival in Madrid, gold star if you guess wheelchair drama. I had to wait an hour, because it was a 20 minute walk and I was in pain.  I should have walked. Upon arrival in Seville. I have no bags. Apparently they did not think I was on the flight due to the wheelchair drama.

I arrive at my hotel only to be told that of course my room is not ready.  Perhaps I want to out by the pool?  It was 105 outside!  IMG_1198

I had traveled in pants and I wanted to change. So  I hit the local department store, El Cortes Ingles.  I also remember that my credit card (Citibank Prestige) has a baggage delay insurance that cover me purchasing any necessities.  2 new dresses and some really expensive sunscreen later, I got my cocktail on. Promptly followed by a very serious nap.

Jon and Lesley arrived early the next day and off we went sightseeing.

Seville is quite compact and easily walkable.  We started by heading over to Plaza de Espansa. Followed by Plaza de Museo where a weekly art market is held.  We also checked the Seville Cathedral.  As previously mentioned it was insanely hot. I was still rocking a compression sock and a ankle brace. I was melting. Jon and Lesley stood in a line for about 10 minutes and realized that there was a handicap entrance. No shame, if meant I did not have to stand in that heat.  My polka dot sock meant we got to skip the line!  And then we did what the Spaniards are famous for, we took a siesta. Well we went swimming. Honestly it was so hot, there was really nothing more to do.

More sightseeing the next day, including an early morning tour of Real Alcazar de Sevilla, a tour in horse drawn carriage and a boat tour. Followed by afternoon siesta in the pool. And a lot of Tinto de Verano’s.

Seville is great town. I would visit again, but probably not in the height of summer, or with a broken ankle. I am not a fan of high heat. And a broken ankle is not ideal for buying shoes. I would also have liked to see more in the nearby towns.

Stay tuned for more…. until next time safe travels!



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