Gibraltar-June 2017

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There is family of wild monkeys alive and well in Europe. In case you were wondering they live on the rock in Gibraltar. They are Barbary Macaques and the only wild monkey to be found in Europe. For the most part they will leave you alone, but not everyone is comfortable with wild monkeys running around.  I mean somebody was like a scared school girl… ( Love you, Jon)

Gibraltar is located at the southern tip of Spain. It’s an overseas British Territory.  And it felt a like like we were walking into an Austin Powers movie.  It takes about 2 minutes to cross the border, and it was like opposite word. Some cars have steering wheels on the side. And you need Pounds not Euro’s. But be careful getting too many pounds. They are issued by the Bank of Gibraltar and will not be accepted in United Kingdom.

We had a nice lunch along water and then took a trip up the rock.

We just grabbed a taxi, but maybe that not the best idea. Because when we were done, good luck finding a taxi to take you back. So piece of advice, if you are doing a day trip, I would just do a tour.  But if you do opt to go against my advice. Here is the contact information for local taxi companies.

IMG_1334So how did we end up in Gibraltar? Well Jon and Lesley were headed down to Costa del Sol, to Marbella.   Since we driving down from Seville,  we figured we would stop and check it out.  It was interesting day trip. I would recommend it if you are in the area, but probably would not make a destination.


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