Brussels, Belgium- June 2017

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The whole purpose of this European adventure was to attend my cousin’s wedding.  My entire immediate family flew over, as well as several members of my extended family.
I had an early morning flight out of Seville. I always think that an early flight is good when I am booking it, but so stupid when I actually have to take it. The nice lady that helped with my missing bags on my way in was working again on my outbound flight.
She remembered me, and politely suggested I take my bags on the plane.  I don’t blame the flight attendant for not wanting to help me, stupid weight about 40 pounds.

After 105 degrees in Spain, Brussels felt chilly at 72.  With my entire family being in town, I took the coward’s way out and booked a different hotel. This was to guarantee I didn’t have to share my bed with my nephews, aka. little moneys.

I got lucky one morning, and I got to hang out with this guy.IMG_1350-2

I asked him if he wanted to find a bar and drink champagne. He looked at me in horror and said it’s 10:00 am. I said how am I your daughter? He countered with let’s go shopping. Love you, Dad!

Overall had fun hanging with the family. Too soon it was time for the next part of my trip. Next stop London. Stay tuned.


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