London, England-July 2017

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London with my Ladybug, yes please!

After Brussels, I headed over to London to meet up my cousin and her family. We had grand plans of attending Adele’s final show at Wembley Stadium. The concert that cancelled. Ok, moving on.

On my previous trip to London, my friend Katy and I took tourist shots with red umbrellas. I thought it would be fun to take tourist shots with my favorite bug.  And well it was not raining and she’s 2, I was lucky she even took the umbrella from me in the first place. IMG_2940

Despite the fact it was sunny and the concert was cancelled, we manage to have quite a nice visit in London. We took a boat cruise along the Thames and tried to pop into the Palace to Hello to the Queen, but she was just not receiving visitors that day.  And of course we had the requisite fish and chips.


And somehow, I managed to do even more shopping then I could have imagined. This resulted in me having to purchase a new tote bag to get all my loot back to the States . #travelfail ( one should always leave enough room in their bag for spare purchases).

All in all, London was great! Especially nice to to experience it with family. I hope to get to have more trips like this again in the future.

But sorry Adele, not sure that I will fly over again to attempt to hear you sick. Oh who I am kidding, of course I would!

Until next time………

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